Unlocking Value for Pharmaceutical Companies - What do pharmaceutical companies expect from a digital health supplier?

Post-COVID, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly digitizing their activities. This evolution underscores the critical need for a symbiotic partnership between pharma and digital health companies. The expectations from these partnerships have expanded beyond just offering digital solutions; they now encompass the demonstration of tangible value, access to patients, and seamless integration into the complex healthcare ecosystem, not forgetting regulatory adherence.

The key expectations that pharma companies have when engaging with a digital health supplier are:

From Solution Provider to Value Demonstration

The transition from merely providing solutions to tangible value demonstration has become critical. The digital health supplier should not only offer a technical solution but also be able to showcase how it adds measurable value to the pharmaceutical company, whether in terms of improving patient outcomes, generating real-world evidence, or increasing revenue.

Collaboration Models in Digital Health

Pharma companies are increasingly seeking collaboration models that don't necessitate product ownership. This is particularly relevant in both regulated and non-regulated spaces, where collaboration can lead to significant advancements without the associated challenges of lengthy and expensive processes. The supplier needs to manage the regulatory requirements of  SAMD (Software as a Medical Device) and be the legal manufacturer.

High Standards on Quality, Security, and Data Privacy

In the pharmaceutical industry, adherence to high quality, security, and data privacy standards is non-negotiable. A good digital health supplier should align with these standards, ensuring that the digital solutions meet regulatory requirements and safeguard sensitive patient information. This is especially crucial as the industry undergoes increasing scrutiny on data protection and privacy.

Understanding Pharma Industry Regulations and Processes

A competent digital health supplier should possess in-depth knowledge of industry regulations and corporate processes. This understanding is vital for navigating the complexities of securing market access and commercialisation of pharmaceuticals. Whether in telemedicine, online pharmacy sales, or personalised healthcare delivery, the supplier should be well-versed in regulatory requirements and be able to deliver at pace while staying compliant.

Flexibility for Localisation and Implementation

The global reach of pharmaceutical companies necessitates a digital health supplier that has a scalable platform. A one-size-fits-all approach is inadequate in addressing the diverse requirements across countries. The ability to localise and implement digital health solutions across different countries is critical in ensuring the relevance and effectiveness of the digital tools provided.

Deep understanding of patients and providers

Being at the forefront of creating digital health engagement assets relevant to users is a hallmark of a top-tier supplier. Understanding the therapeutic area from the customer perspective allows the supplier to tailor solutions that resonate with end-users, facilitating behaviour change and positive sentiment towards the product.

Access to a Community of Users

A digital health supplier should be able to provide more than just a product— ideally, it should grant access to a community of users. This access aids in understanding user sentiments, behavioural changes, and preferences, which are crucial for refining products and services, leading to better engagement and adoption rates.

Identifying Relevant Solutions

In an era where digital transformation is a buzzword, the ability of a digital health supplier to identify and suggest relevant solutions based on a pharma company's articulated healthcare gaps/needs is critical. Even when the needs are not explicitly defined, the suppliers should be able to conduct environment scans and propose solutions that align closely with aspirations, if not surpassing them.

In the age of digital transformation, the role of digital health suppliers in the pharmaceutical industry has become more nuanced. The expectation isn't merely to provide tools but to be strategic partners in achieving personalised, impactful, and value-driven healthcare solutions. The right partner can unlock new dimensions in the pharmaceutical industry's journey toward digital transformation, ensuring better patient outcomes and enhanced accessibility to innovative healthcare solutions and ultimately contributing to the evolution of healthcare into being more patient-centred.

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