Transforming healthcare with digital solutions

Our products are used by healthcare providers and leading pharmaceutical companies to improve patient management.

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Head of Product

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Head of Product

Our Products

Digital Solutions 
For Patients

For pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers and research institutes we provide fully customisable apps to support patients in managing their health. These leverage behavioural change techniques and empower patients to apply healthy habits and skills to their everyday lives.

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Digital Solutions 
For Healthcare Providers

For healthcare providers, we provide customisable solutions which enable end to end digitisation of each step of a pathway resulting in streamlined clinical workflows, reduced costs and improved operational efficiency.

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Browse our latest implementations

Digestive Health

Digital health mobile solution to empower diarrhea sufferers proactively manage and understand their condition.

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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Learn how Beat Better App improved patient adherence to a cardiac rehab (CR) program and helped reduce relapse in heart conditions

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Pulmonary Hypertension

PHuman App is helping pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) patients across 8 countries with HCP connection, Patient self-management and Treatment optimisation

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Together for Her (TFH) App, a digital care program that aims to empower expectant mothers has been downloaded over 2 million times

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Modules we offer

Interactive Learn and Capability Building

Provide personalised interactive information, enhancing engagement with learning content and psychoeducation, and empower patients to better manage their condition.

Medical Grade Products and Quality Excellence

Our Device Quality Management System is IS013485 certified and Information Security Management System is IS027001 certified.

Building Positive Behaviours

Our Health Psychologists research features that drive positive behaviour change. These include, goal setting, tracking and notifications and nudges to support healthy habit and behaviour formation.

Support Self-Management

We use principles of Behaviour design and Al technology to effectively support people living with chronic long term conditions. Our products deliver personalised experience to users basis their needs and requirements.

Secure Communication

Our products support multiple communication channels, such as SMS, emails, in-built Q& A and third party messaging services.

Digital Triaging

Our solutions enable the remote capture of information from patients.

Smart and Effective Appointment Management

Our solutions streamline appointment scheduling and communication with healthcare providers, making it easier for patients to access the care they need and reduce missed appointments.

Configurable Clinical Flows

Configure clinical workflows for any long term condition. Reduce administrative load, set-up alerts and communicate with patients from a single web-based interface.

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