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We work with a range of partners to deliver tailored solutions. We’ve built solutions for patients, healthcare providers, innovators, and pharma companies, each designed for better health outcomes.


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Our unique platform has been designed especially to create and build healthcare solutions. Using our expertise in healthcare, behavioural science and technology, HealthMachineoffers unrivalled flexibility and scalability to develop digital health solutions that fit the needs of all our partners. 

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We’ve worked with a variety of partners to create solutions that people use every day.

patient adherence to the CR program delivered at the clinic

Beat Better

Beat Better is a digital health product designed to reduce relapse in heart conditions and improve patient adherence to the cardiac rehab (CR) program delivered in Bucks, Oxford and West Berkshire Integrated Care Board (BOB-ICB). Avegen has collaborated with BOB-ICB to create a joint cardiac rehabilitation digital health product to serve both patients and clinicians in order to improve patient management and support across the care journey. The aim is to reduce relapse across heart conditions and improve patient adherence to the CR program delivered at the clinic.
8 weeks
time frame, from start to launch of the solution

Pro Recover

Pro-Recover is a mobile app that aims to improve outcomes for patients during their prostate cancer journey, specifically before and after robotic prostatectomy. We collaborated with a world leading urologist Professor Prasanna Sooriakumaran, to design a digital application that would empower patients before and after surgery to manage their journey and recovery.We worked closely with individuals with lived experience of prostate cancer whilst creating the app. Throughout the app development process, we actively sought user input by inviting them to review content and share their feedback. Their valuable insights played a crucial role in guaranteeing that Pro-Recover remains highly patient-centered. Pro-Recover was developed in an 8 week time frame over the summer of 2023 and is currently being used by patients from specific urology clinics in London.
Total PAH population reached in launched countries


The PHuman solution built using Healthmachine™, is designed to support people living with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). It is live in eight countries across Europe, helping more than 5% of the total diagnosed PAH patient population manage their condition in the launched markets.
of users shown improvement in illness related distress


Orbi is a mobile app that aims to improve the mental health of people with long-term physical health conditions (LTCs) such as multiple sclerosis, IBD, Crohn's and psoriasis. Based on extensive research out of King’s College London’s Health Psychology Section, Orbi builds on the existing solution COMPASS (a Class I certified medical device), supporting physical and mental wellbeing together.

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The NHS waiting list crisis and how digital health can help solve itThe NHS waiting list crisis and how digital health can help solve it

The NHS waiting list crisis and how digital health can help solve it

With the NHS waiting list crisis steadily worsening, digital health solutions can help solve the issue, but they need to be implemented nationally and fast. As the waiting list lengthens to over 8 million by the summer of 20241, combining technology and healthcare becomes increasingly crucial. In this article, let us delve into some innovative digital health strategies which could be implemented to alleviate the strain on healthcare resources and improve care for patients waiting for surgery.
Jamie Campbell
Jamie Campbell
Thank you for an outstanding 2023Thank you for an outstanding 2023

Thank you for an outstanding 2023

As I reflect on the past year, 2023 stands out as a pivotal time in Avegen's journey. With over 1.6 million registered users on our digital health solutions, our vision to become a resilient, innovative, and brand-led digital health business revolutionising health outcomes has taken significant strides forward. Over the last year, we have stood true to our mission to combine our imagination and expertise to build things of enduring value that will make the world a healthier place. This year marked a crucial transition for us—from a startup to a thriving scale-up. We owe gratitude to everyone who contributed to Avegen's evolution. To our former Avegen colleagues, your dedication laid the foundation for our progress. To our new team members, welcome aboard this transformative expedition. And to our partners, without whom we would not be here. Looking ahead to 2024, we are excited to launch our branded digital health solution. This milestone reflects our commitment to innovation and our unwavering mission to make a positive impact on healthcare. As we wrap up this transformative year, let us celebrate the achievements, learnings, and collective efforts that have brought us to where we stand today. Here's to a promising 2024 filled with innovation, growth, and, most importantly, positive health outcomes. Dr Nayan Kalnad CEO

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