HealthMachine™ is our unique digital health platform, designed to deliver solutions of value to meet your needs

Built on our expertise in healthcare, behavioural science, and technology, HealthMachine uses a robust set of building blocks to create innovative digital health solutions at speed and scale, without cutting corners.

Get there faster and more effectively with HealthMachine.

Read about HealthMachine™
Read about HealthMachine™

Pre-built functionality

Our platform is made up of configurable building blocks, ready-made and already tested in the real world.

Data security and compliance

Compliance and security are baked into our robust, field-proven platform, ready for regulatory approval.

Insights and analytics

Your digital health solution will be automatically set up to track standard engagement and success KPIs.

Engaging user experience

We use research-backed, evidence-based techniques to embed user experience best practices into modules.

Use HealthMachine to design, build, and maintain engaging and compliant digital health solutions that deliver results

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Improve patient care and treatment

Focus on patient needs and give them a more seamless healthcare journey.

Launch faster

Your new solution can be ready in less than three months.


Streamline the development process

We’ll do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to designing, building, deploying, and testing your solution.

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Design a solution that fits your needs

Pick and choose from our collection of building block to achieve your goals while improving user experience. Solutions powered by HealthMachine have been used by more than 2M people.

Secure Communication

Our products support multiple communication channels, such as SMS, emails, in-built Q& A and third party messaging services.

Digital Triaging

Our solutions enable the remote capture of information from patients.

Smart and Effective Appointment Management

Our solutions streamline appointment scheduling and communication with healthcare providers, making it easier for patients to access the care they need and reduce missed appointments.

Configurable Clinical Flows

Configure clinical workflows for any long term condition. Reduce administrative load, set-up alerts and communicate with patients from a single web-based interface.

Interactive Learn and Capability Building

Provide personalised interactive information, enhancing engagement with learning content and psychoeducation, and empower patients to better manage their condition.

Medical Grade Products and Quality Excellence

Our Device Quality Management System is IS013485 certified and Information Security Management System is IS027001 certified.

Your questions answered

What is a digital health platform?

A digital health platform is a collection of building blocks across the front and backends that can be used to create a digital health solution. You can reconfigure the blocks to build custom products to meet specific healthcare needs.

Our digital health platform HealthMachine uses blocks like these to create digital health solutions across disease-agnostic use cases. Built to the highest standards of security and quality, our building blocks have been proven in the real world and are ready for use.

What are the benefits of the platform approach?

Using a digital health platform can help you create a solution more quickly. With access to a pre-defined and pre-built set of features, you eliminate the need to start from scratch, instead leap-ahead with configuring to adapt to your needs.

Along with configurable modules, the presence of existing servers across countries, development and launch tools and a robust compliance framework underpinning the development process ensure a more efficient, cost-effective process of setting up a new Digital Health Solution..

What are the specific benefits of HealthMachine?

All of our features have been developed using the principles of behavioural design. This, along with our iterative process of user testing, ensures that solutions developed on HealthMachine provide a highly engaging  user experience.

Our platform has been proven to host millions of users at scale, set up in multiple languages, across multiple use-cases and roll out across the world. 

Our internally built configuration tool enables us to set-up a new DHP quickly and effortlessly. Additionally, each new solution immediately benefits from HealthMachine's capabilities of scale, security and privacy. A well-developed analytical framework underpins our platform, used to both inform the development and provide insights into the efficacy of your solution. 

Regular updates and maintenance increase our capabilities, and in turn we provide these to any solutions we host.

Why do our partners love HealthMachine? What makes us different?

Many of our partners choose to work with us on multiple projects for a few reasons:

  • We create solutions that users love to engage with and complete. One of our solutions, Together for Her, has +1.5 million users with 180,000 monthly active users. Another, Heart Health, has a 75% completion rate (compared to 47% of patients using traditional methods. This is, in part, down to our focus on behavioural design principles to drive real change amongst users.
  • We’ve got commercial know-how. While we mostly work with partners, we do build and commercialise our own solutions too. Our learnings from taking these solutions to market are fed back into our platform, increasing the chance of success for our partners.
  • We conduct our own research and publish our learnings. 
  • We can build both regulated and non-regulated products: our QMS is certified Medical Device QMS, thus ensuring all products set up on HealthMachine will have been set up on a Medical Device QMS.

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