Klick Wins Gold at HSJ Partnership Awards 2024!

Avegen, in partnership with Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust wins Gold at the HSJ Partnership Awards 2024 for the "Most Effective Contribution To Clinical Redesign".

This recognition underscores our dedication to enhancing healthcare delivery and fostering collaboration with the NHS.

Klick, powered by Avegen's cutting-edge digital platform, revolutionises the outpatient management of individuals living with HIV. By digitising processes, Klick facilitates easier access to care and significantly enhances the overall patient experience.

The United Kingdom faces mounting demands in HIV services, compounded by resource constraints and the evolving needs of an ageing HIV population. Klick is a digitally-enabled pathway that confronts these challenges head-on, facilitating patients' access to HIV outpatient clinics with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.

Currently utilised by over 7000 patients, Klick offers a comprehensive suite of features through its user-friendly smartphone app. Patients can seamlessly:

  • Book, reschedule, or cancel appointments
  • Access routine HIV-related results
  • Request HIV medication
  • Submit pre-visit questionnaires (PVQ)
  • Receive care updates from the clinical team

By leveraging Avegen's innovative technology, Klick has achieved remarkable results, including:

  • Reducing waiting times from 6 months to less than three months
  • Decreasing missed appointments by an impressive 41%
  • Saving an estimated £140,000 per clinic annually

These accomplishments underscore Klick's transformative influence on HIV outpatient management, making healthcare more accessible, efficient, and patient-centred than ever before.

Thank you to our partners at ViiV Healthcare and team for making Klick what it is today.

The Gold win at the HSJ Partnership Awards 2024 reaffirms Avegen's commitment to innovation and excellence in healthcare. Klick stands as a testament to the power of technology to drive positive change and improve patient outcomes. We thank the HSJ Partnership Awards for recognising Klick's transformative impact and look forward to continued collaboration with the NHS to elevate healthcare standards further.

Read more about Klick here.

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