Together for Her

Creating equitable access to support and health guidance for pregnant women

Together for Her (TFH) is a digital care program that aims to empower expectant mothers with accurate information, personalised guidance, and a supportive community throughout their pregnancy journey. TFH offers holistic, evidence-based support that prioritises the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of expectant mothers, empowering women with knowledge, activating them towards healthy behaviours, and triggering know-how and demand for good quality of care (QOC). The TFH care program was launched in July 2020. It has since been installed more than 2 million times, reaching 1.5 million mothers in total (i.e., mothers who engaged with the program after installing the app and completed the first assessment).

The problem

For many pregnant women, it’s hard to access the trusted information they need to stay healthy during their pregnancy. Pregnant women also struggle to find trustworthy service providers for relevant healthcare services (e.g. prenatal yoga, mental health support, consultations, etc.)  

This can lead to mothers-to-be making the wrong choices, struggling to advocate for quality care from their healthcare providers, or finding it hard to pick the best clinician for them.

Our solution

We created the TFH digital care program to improve access to information and care among pregnant women. Our multidisciplinary team developed the solution using HealthMachine™, bringing together evidence-based advice, personalised education, and behaviour targeting (such as gamification) to improve the health of pregnant women.

TFH examines a number of key topics to help women stay healthy during pregnancy, prepare for birth, and advocate for quality care. Each theme is covered in its own set of modules and has a dedicated outcome:

  1. Nutrition for a healthy mother and baby (outcome — healthier diet).
  2. Emotional support via therapy (outcome - a stress-free pregnancy experience).
  3. Healthy and happy mind (outcome — reducing anxiety levels).
  4. Support throughout pregnancy (outcome — better awareness and self-reported pregnancy preparedness).
  5. Taking an active role in your care (outcome — empower patients to have agency in their care).
  6. Preparing for birth (outcome — empowering women to make the best choices when it comes to birthing providers etc.)

We’re already planning new themes for the future, too:

  1. A smart and happy baby (outcome —  increasing parent-child bonding post-birth).
  2. Planning for pregnancy (outcome — increasing knowledge and helping mothers-to-be feel more prepared).

Together, these modules will empower patients to drive self-care, improving health during and after pregnancy.


TFH has been downloaded by more than 2 million people and has driven a 90% improvement in health literacy among its users. More than 120,000 people actively engage with the app on a monthly basis. Among users, we have also seen:

increase in dietary diversity.
increase in blood hemoglobin levels after 12 weeks.
more women attending anti-natal check-ups compared to the national average.

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