Reducing symptoms of paranoia through digital therapy, in partnership with King’s College London

Successful Treatment Of Paranoia (STOP) is a patient-facing digital solution that uses an app to deliver a course of therapy to patients experiencing paranoia. Working with King’s College London (KCL), we built STOP using HealthMachine™ to make life better for patients with debilitating mental health symptoms. STOP has received MHRA approval to undergo clinical investigation and is currently being trialled in a study at KCL.

The problem

Patients living with paranoia and its associated conditions can find it hard to go about their daily lives, with symptoms impacting on their family, work, and social functioning.

Cognitive Behavioural Modification (CBM) has been shown to be an extremely effective form of therapy for paranoia, helping patients improve their wellbeing. However, CBM isn’t widely accessible to all, with patients facing long wait times and/or high costs related to treatment. At the same time, some people feel there is a stigma associated with going to therapy. 

Previous versions of digital therapy solutions have tried to solve the problem, but they have been ineffective with low usage and success.

Our solution

Our multi-disciplinary team sought to better understand the treatment journey for patients with paranoia.

In order to improve treatment and symptoms for patients, STOP gives them access to a 12-week digital program of CBM.

Using gamification, simple navigation, and engaging visuals, the app delivers evidence-based treatment to reduce paranoia. Clinicians can access patient data to track patient progress and patient reported outcomes. 


Key Takeaways

STOP is currently being evaluated in a research trial. Early results among 250+ patients indicate the solution reduces symptoms of paranoia and improves resilience to stress and anxiety.


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