Managing symptoms for people with pulmonary arterial hypertension

The PHuman solution built using Healthmachine™, is designed to support people living with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). It is live in eight countries across Europe, helping more than 5% of the total diagnosed PAH patient population manage their condition in the launched markets.

The problem

PAH is a rare condition with no cure. It’s progressive and life-threatening, and patients must constantly manage their own symptoms and treatment. 

Research has shown that PAH patients find it difficult to manage their condition. Most are looking for easy ways to find out more about the disease, track and understand their symptoms, make a note of information to share with their clinicians, and keep an eye on their health progress.

Our solution

Before PHuman, there was no digital solution to support this group of patients and their healthcare providers. We took a holistic approach to solving this, designing a solution that allowed patients to manage their care while also adding value to their caregivers and clinicians.

Our multi-disciplinary team collaborated with our partners to create a transformative digital health solution which could be easily scaled and localised to new countries. We used our expertise in research, design, engineering and more to ensure the new solution fitted our partners’ needs and improved the lives of their patients.

The PHuman solution is made up of two parts:

Patient-facing mobile app

Built for patients living with PAH, the mobile app is designed to improve their quality of life by giving them the tools they need to better manage and better understand the disease. At the same time, patients can also more easily and effectively communicate their their HCP.

The app’s features give patients the ability to:

  • Track their symptoms, vital signs, and other PAH-specific parameters.
  • Set personalised health goals.
  • Access a body of clinically verified educational content.
  • Discover evidence-based tips for lining with PAH.
  • Learn from other patients’ experiences.
  • Communicate with their HCP.

Overall, this functionality means that patients have access to more insights about their condition, can better manage their symptoms, and have improved communication with their HCP.

HCP Champion

A web portal designed to be used by clinicians, the PHuman HCP Champion solution allows HCPs to access data shared by patients through the mobile app. 

Using the solution, HCPS can:

  • Access reports that have been built using the insights patients provide. 
  • Review patient health more closely, including changes to conditions, symptoms, and response to treatments.
  • Use simple reports as starting points for discussions with patients.

Making use of these features allows HCPs to provide better, more personalised care to their patients. They can also identify changes in patients’ symptoms early and offer treatment options that fit patients’ needs.


PHuman is now live in 8 markets, supporting more than 600 patients and 30 HCP Centres. PHuman has shown real, measurable improvement in key areas such as: Patient and HCP connection, Patient self-management and Treatment optimisation

of the total PAH population reached in launch countries
patient-reported symptoms and vitals

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