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Although the outlook for HIV patients has improved dramatically over the past few decades, it is still an incurable and lifelong condition. Patient outcomes ultimately depend on access to healthcare services, self-care resources, timely appointments with healthcare providers, and treatment adherence. In response to these needs, Avegen and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Foundation Trust (CWFT) introduced Klick, a nurse-led digital solution designed to improve the quality of care, streamline communication, and enhance the overall patient experience for those living with HIV.

Insights On HIV Outpatient Clinic Management

Our recent webinar took a closer look at the challenges in HIV outpatient management and shed light on the role of digital health solutions, specifically looking at the transformative impact of Klick. With experts from Chelsea and Westminster comprising the panel, the webinar allowed us to better understand patient and clinician perspectives.

Kicked off by Avegen’s Jamie Campbell, the webinar featured informative conversations with Dr Sara Day (Consultant Physician, Sexual Health & HIV, and Clinical Lead for Klick), Dr Kimberley Forbes (Consultant Physician, Sexual Health & HIV, Service Lead for Sexual & Reproductive Health), and Rebecca Wilkins (Advanced Nurse Practitioner).

Their conversation highlighted the challenges that patients and clinicians face in HIV management, the barriers to effective utilisation of digital health solutions, the proven benefits of Klick and how these lessons can be applied in other areas.

The Challenges Of Managing Outpatients

Outpatient management has historically faced numerous challenges, including the difficulty of booking, cancelling, or rescheduling appointments solely through a call centre or in-person visits, increasing the rate of DNAs. The consultant-heavy care delivery model also resulted in long waiting times that made it harder to cater to an ageing patient population with complex comorbidities and polypharmacy needs. The multidisciplinary team, particularly junior nurses, was underutilised due to inadequate training opportunities. Additionally, clinician inefficiencies were exacerbated by cumbersome administrative tasks across multiple IT systems, difficulty meeting national monitoring requirements and poor governance on test results. Poor digital solutions exacerbated these problems, making a comprehensive solution like Klick so important.

“Unlike Klick, most digital solutions are not built for purpose – I end up having to use 20 IT systems every day.”

Successful Digital Health Solution Implementation Using The Klick Model

The Klick model has achieved high utilisation as it responds to patient needs and provides flexible, adaptable services. This was made possible as it was developed from the outset through extensive research into the challenges faced by patients and clinicians alike, with features customised according to their specific requirements. This dual focus has resulted in a win-win scenario, enhancing patient satisfaction and clinical efficiency. The adaptability of the model also allows for ongoing improvements to meet evolving needs and ensures continued adherence.

“When an app delivers benefits for patients and clinicians it’s a win-win scenario.”

Onboarding Patients And Popular Features Of Klick

The Klick model has successfully onboarded patients through clinician-led initiatives and word-of-mouth promotion. During consultations, clinicians introduce the app, explaining how it facilitates booking future appointments and access to test results. This personalised approach, complemented by in-clinic promotions and SMS reminders, has proven effective. At Dean St., a significant campaign resulted in two-thirds of the patient cohort signing up within six months. Patients appreciate the app's online booking functionality, the ability to see their results instantly, and the flexibility to reschedule appointments at any time. The app also reduces dependency on call centres, enhancing overall efficiency and minimising missed appointments. Additionally, Klick's content library provides valuable resources for patient self-management and adherence.

"Patients greatly appreciate having a personalised clinic-specific app, particularly for its online booking functionality and instant access to test results without needing to recontact."

Onboarding Clinicians

Onboarding clinicians involved addressing initial apprehensions, particularly around nurses taking on more responsibilities. However, with comprehensive training and completion of competency frameworks, nurses have been effectively integrated into the system. Each clinic session begins with a meeting between nurses and a supervising consultant to ensure alignment on patient management plans. Clinicians have embraced the flexibility of Klick, with some using it for all their clinics, while others blend it with traditional pathways. The model allows for seamless result delivery and direct communication with patients, reducing missed calls and anxiety.

“The structured yet adaptable approach has facilitated smoother transitions and higher engagement from both nurses and doctors.”

Impact On Nurse Teams

Klick has revolutionised the nursing pathway, providing a clear development route for clinic-based nurses to advance to roles like advanced nurse practitioners and play a more active role in outpatient management. This structure now empowers nurses to independently manage patient cohorts under supervision, fostering skill development and consultation expertise. This has boosted motivation and retention among nurses, as they can now envision a clear career trajectory. Additionally, Klick has freed up time for other clinicians, enhancing overall efficiency.

“Klick is not just an IT system. It's changed the way we work, giving nurses a development pathway and the motivation to stay on.”

How Klick Has Improved Efficiency Of The Service

Klick has significantly enhanced service efficiency by streamlining administrative and operational processes. After consultations, clinicians can generate pre-formatted letters with the click of a button. This automated system also standardises patient consultation forms, simplifying audits, and patient record updates. Clinicians can quickly access critical information, such as vaccination status or medication details, improving decision-making. Furthermore, the ability to send personalised, discrete messages directly to patients for follow-ups and results has replaced traditional communication, saving time and improving patient satisfaction. Additionally, upskilling junior nurses to manage stable patient cohorts has freed senior clinicians to focus on complex cases, reducing consultant wait times and increasing appointment durations. Overall, Klick has significantly improved efficiency and capacity within the service.

“In addition to reducing wasted appointments and DNAs with simple cancellation and rescheduling options, Klick automates administrative processes, improving our operational efficiency.”

What’s Next For Klick

Looking ahead, Klick aims to expand its adaptable care model beyond HIV into other long-term conditions such as Endometriosis and Menopause, as well as expanding within HIV to include Pre-exposure HIV prophylaxis and a Transgender service.

The Avegen team is actively exploring similar applications across various specialities and there are also plans to enhance the PDQ (Patient Decision Questionnaire) feature, potentially integrating smart functionalities to direct patients towards relevant services based on identified health needs, such as smoking cessation support. These developments could further empower patients, giving them greater access to educational resources and self-management skills.

Webinar Highlights

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